Jesper Horsted, WR, Princeton #4

6026, 225, 4.58

Notes: From Shoreview, MN. Played sparingly (6 games) and slowed by injuries as a freshman, catching 2 passes for 17 yards in 2015. Also played centerfielder and batted leadoff during Ivy League championship season for the baseball team. Played in 9 games, caught 30-413-1 (13.8 avg.) and rushed 2-8 in 2016. Played in 10 games, caught 92-1,226-14 (13.3 avg.) and rushed 2-8 in 2017. Played in 10 games, caught 72-1,047-13 (14.5 avg.) and rushed 2-22-2 in 2018. Also completed 2-of-4 pass attempts for 30 yards and 1 TD during career. Has bachelor’s degree in sociology and has had some intern work in marketing.

Positives: Big frame. Physical receiver with very good size and strong, reliable hands. Excellent concentration. Competes for and tracks the football well. Tough to bring down after the catch. Fights for yards and breaks tackles. Smart and highly productive. Disciplined route runner.

Negatives: Marginal burst, separation and sustained speed. Will struggle to gain separation against NFL cornerbacks.

Summary: Intelligence and productivity will earn him a chance to go to training camp with someone. Might be able to bulk up more and be tried as a flex tight end.

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