Drew Lock, QB, Missouri #3

6036, 228, 4.69

Notes: From Lee’s Summit, MO. His father also played football at Mizzou, lettering four years as an offensive lineman. His grandfather also played at Missouri. Played in all 12 games and took over as the team’s starting quarterback over the final 8 games as a true freshman in 2015; completed 129-of-263 passes (49.0%) for 1,332 yards, 4 TD, 8 INT and rushed 52-28-1. Became the first Mizzou true freshman to start at quarterback since Corby Jones in 1995. Completed 237-of-434 (54.6%) for 3,399 yards, 23 TD and 10 INT in 2016; also rushed 52-123-1 and caught one pass for 21 yards and touchdown. Completed 242-of-419 passes (57.8%) for 3,964 yards, 44 TD, 13 INT and rushed 44-111-1 in 2017. Completed 275-of-437 passes (62.9%) for 3,498 yards, 28 TD, 8 INT and rushed 55-175-6 in 2018. Team captain in 2016-18. Has a signature “Secure the Bag” routine, which mimics strapping a backpack over the shoulders that he demonstrates “for special occasions.” Has also added what he calls a “Whammy!” celebration after touchdown throws where he simulates playing air guitar with a teammate, as an ode to actor David Koechner (a Missouri native) and the Champ Kind character he played in the Anchorman movies.

Positives: Confident, take-charge leader with swagger. Natural leader. Exudes confidence. Prototype size and stature. Very strong arm. Quick release. Excellent pure pocket passer. Can really zip it. Can make all the throws – the deep out, post down the middle, deep downfield, and into tight windows. Very capable of the home run deep ball. Aggressive, and is always looking to push the ball downfield. Rarely underthrows an open receiver deep. Is often pinpoint accurate. Frequently throws his receivers open or hits them perfectly in stride. Can stand tough under pressure and still deliver the ball with accuracy. Good athlete. Moves well within the pocket. Can extend the play with his mobility and has the footspeed to stress a defense as a runner.

Negatives: May be too cocky for some. Struggles under pressure. Needs to continue his development reading defenses and working through progressions. Relies too much on arm strength at times and has room to improve his timing and touch. Will stare down his primary receiver too much at times. Throws too may interceptions and will force the ball into coverage. Holds the ball too long and can be too reluctant to check down underneath or throw the ball away. Doesn't show good pocket awareness at times.

Summary: Elite arm talent with near prototype passing skills. Huge upside if he can improve his consistency, discipline and decision-making. Potential franchise quarterback.

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